The current automotive industry will say that the timing of the downturn. This is because of the reduction in demand due to the global recession. How do you go at the helm the automotive industry in the future.

The first thing is clear, even if the recession is over, is that it does not demand to surge. Because, because in terms of demand it is already a state close demand itself is a plateau of motor vehicles in developed countries. Longer and automotive market is mature in the developed countries, we do not have much room to grow.

Still speaking only in Japan, there is the expected part some of the improvement. This is because, not only say that recession is on the poor performance of Japanese companies, because also greatly affect factors such as the appreciation of the yen associated with it. For this roofing repairs 34 Apsley CourtCrawleyRH11 8JU , it has been promoted currently “abenomics”. This abenomics that promoted the appreciation of the yen persists, operating profit of the major eight companies of the automobile company is said to be up to 300 billion yen.

The first place to the poor performance of recent years of Japanese companies, not only the recession and the appreciation of the yen, such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Senkaku Islands, disasters and diplomatic factors are included strongly. So, we’ll be expected to some degree of business recovery by going to solve these.

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