The current automotive industry will say that the timing of the downturn. This is because of the reduction in demand due to the global recession. How do you go at the helm the automotive industry in the future.

The first thing is clear, even if the recession is over, is that it does not demand to surge. Because, because in terms of demand it is already a state close demand itself is a plateau of motor vehicles in developed countries. Longer and automotive market is mature in the developed countries, we do not have much room to grow.

Still speaking only in Japan, there is the expected part some of the improvement. This is because, not only say that recession is on the poor performance of Japanese companies, because also greatly affect factors such as the appreciation of the yen associated with it. For this roofing repairs 34 Apsley CourtCrawleyRH11 8JU , it has been promoted currently “abenomics”. This abenomics that promoted the appreciation of the yen persists, operating profit of the major eight companies of the automobile company is said to be up to 300 billion yen.

The first place to the poor performance of recent years of Japanese companies, not only the recession and the appreciation of the yen, such as the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Senkaku Islands, disasters and diplomatic factors are included strongly. So, we’ll be expected to some degree of business recovery by going to solve these.

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Surprise trip for two nights and three days in the car

By OBS Basements – basement conversions London

Tomorrow is the drive with her in a car just purchased. License and then after about 11 years to get, but it is one day to own a car on your own. Car is a light car. Decisive factor of the purchase is from the standpoint of price and fuel economy, cost is cheap.

It does not at all use the car usually. Since commuting is to use the train, ride out car of one week I think probably about two days. But, because he wanted to possession of the car, I bought this when light car. Fuel consumption will run about 14 kilometers and running a not far away. Since there is no thing that is still went to far, it means that this is the first time.

So she also has a big joy. First of all, I believe I want ran the street Tokaido Yokohama. There is also a canal I think that crowded that Golden Week. And, I guess that people are coming to the tourist a lot in the resort. I think that surely be a fun memories.

This time, is scheduled to go in two nights and three days. Accommodation in Aichi is was secured, but was not able to ensure the other night. I mean, we are one night was supposed to be or go on a hit-or-miss basis. But I made a serious decision is this journey. I think that’ll apply her a marriage. But it was so, is a Aichi of accommodation. Preparation of the people of the hotel were allowed to ask that are prepared the flowers and cake are all set. But I – I do and go well.